Essential Balance







310 St Laurent Ave
Quesnel BC V2J 5A3



An ancient Tibetan healing system that uses light hand placements on the body to channel healing energies to the recipient. Reiki treats emotional distress, chronic and acute physical problems, as well as improves spiritual focus and clarity.




Massage & Reiki

30 Min. Reiki         $48               30/30 Min. Mass / Reiki $90
45 Min. Reiki $68   45/30 Min. Mass / Reiki $105
60 Min. Reiki $84   60/30 Min. Mass / Reiki $126
90 Min. Reiki $122       


Balancing the Body

45 minute Massage and a 30 minute Reiki or Reflexology, followed by our Inner Peace Zen Facial $237.25


Senior Saturday
10% off first Saturday of each month


 Taxes and Product Charges
are not included in the price.
Service Charges may vary.

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